Book Review: Seasons of A Leader’s Life By Jeff Iorg


“Seasons of a Leader’s life”, a book on Christian leadership, is about the journey a leader experiences in ministry.

Jeff Iorg, President of Golden Gate Seminary, observes the Apostle Peter’s life as seen in the Gospels, Acts and I & II Peter. 

Using scripture as the backbone, Iorg draws out three phases the apostle experienced in his ministry as a teaching point for the reader.  Practically and Cleverly, Iorg categorizes the seasons as being learning, leading, legacy.  He connects many principles that align with the main points.   

Personally, Iorg invites you in his life with many personal stories, triumphs, and tragedies that he has encountered in the various phases of ministry.  The transparency of Iorg adds authenticity and significant weight to the book; you are confident the author has the valid wisdom to offer and has lived out the practical advice given in the book. 

As a reader,  you will walk away with a good sense of where you are in ministry and encouraged to prepare to leave a legacy.   

From a new leader, current leader or a seasoned leader, this book will benefit any man of God who desires to grow in the ministry. 

About The Author-Jeff Iorg


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